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Who we are

DSN Consultancy is a dynamic sales & mktg management consulting firm based  in Navi Mumbai. We offer leading-edge sales & marketing solutions to local, nationwide & overseas corporates, micro/small/med size enterprises in both the private and public sectors.
We design and execute a campaign specifically tailored to your business goals.

Our services are competitively priced, whilst bringing real value and better Return on Investment.

“We can be your outsourced marketing department delivering class services, just at a fraction of the cost of your in-house staff.”

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Over the years, the style of  businesses has changed tremendously.
In this new environment, We,at DSN Consultancy, understand that most of the organizations faces unique business challenges in terms of

Channel Sales / Business Growth


Market Share / Brand Promotions


Competitors / Recievables


Staff Training / Incentive Motivation


Product Launch / Discounts & Offers

As professionals, we have in-depth skills and expertise  to handle these PAINS.

We ensure that your growth strategy is specifically tailored to your individual needs.

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